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Question (Category: homework )
Refer to the Ferraiolo et al. article (2003), and examine the concepts of role graphs. Develop a similar role graph for the human resource information systems (HRIS) used by Riordan Manufacturing. Refer to Figure 7 of the article as a point of reference. Cover four primary roles: HR clerk, HR supervisor, HR Manager and IT support staff. Write 1000 to 1750 word paper discussing the roles in terms of required access, restrictions, and policies of all types that would need to be implemented. Include your role graph as a properly labeled figure in the paper.Your paper should be a full APA paper, but it should be centered around a role graph you develop on the four roles and how they work within Riordan. Make sure your role graph illustrates the different access of each role. This should differ as appropriate for each role. You may have some overlap, but having the exact same access for any roles is not acceptable since that is not the proper use of roles. Remember that managers will not always have the same access as those who work for them.Your final paper should follow the APA standard and will be graded using my standard writing evaluation rubric. Your introduction should preview the content in the paper at a high level and your conclusion should summarize the findings of the paper. The body should cover the required content clearly, concisely and completely.

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