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Question (Category: Dog Veterinary)
Using a table chart, what is Skinner's behaviorist theory? How is motivation defined, how does it change for elementary versus secondary students. Optional Information:Level: undergraduate; Subject: educational psychologyAlready Tried:Have to compare Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory with Skinner's behaviorist theory. Have Maslow's done, stuck on Skinner's.
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Hello mickey6779, I am sorry to hear that your girl is having these problems. It sounds to me like there is some risk that your girl has developed bladder stones. Crystals can be a precursor of bladder stones, and can also co-exist with bladder stones.Here is an article about one of the more common forms of bladder stones in dogs: Either stones or crystals, or a combination of both, could cause the blood that you are seeing in her urine.Did your veterinarian take an X-ray of her bladder to rule out stones? Either an X-ray or ultrasound would be the way to assess for these. I hope this helps! As always, if you have further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask them using the "reply" function.
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ACCEPTEDCheck MarkSometimes, when there is a small amount of blood present, it doesn't show up unless looked at under a microscope.I don't think that there is anything I would change at home now, short of encouraging her to drink more water (things like ice cubes, and even water fountains have been shown to increase water intake).The things that you and your veterinarian may elect to do together are looking at X-rays sooner, especially if she hasn't improved.Your veterinarian may also elect to change the diet for her, depending on what crystals are being seen and what the pH of the urine is.The change depends heavily on which crystals and stones are of concern. I can't help you more with that right now without knowing what crystals were present.I would encourage you to discuss that with your veterinarian.If you find out which crystals are present we can talk about that a little more. I hope this helps,Dr. Schillig

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