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Question (Category: Urology)
I have blood in the urine by +50 Ery/ul without any pain. Do I have any cancer? Optional Information:Gender: maleAge: 62Already Tried:Ultra sound checked, I have 10 mm non-obstructive kidney stone at right side. no infection in bladder. no diabet.
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Blood in the urine can be caused by infections, inflammation, stones or growths anywhere in the urethra, bladder or kidneys. This must be evaluated by a urologist to rule out a growth as the source. The evaluation includes a urinalysis, a urine culture, a urine cell test called a cytology, as well as a Ct scan of the kidneys ( or a sonogram) and a cystoscopy, where the urologist looks in the bladder. Most likely not cancerous and likely due to the stone, but the evaluation needs to be done to be sure. This dialogue does not serve to be a doctor-patient relationship and is only an opinion.If you are satisfied with your answer,please hit the GREEN accept button. Positive feedback and bonuses are always appreciated!Dr. Rutman

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