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Question (Category: Homework)
1. Compare and contrast the different colonial regions established in British North America. In what ways were they similar or different? 2. What role did religion play in European settlement of the Americas? Discuss Spanish, Portuguese, French, and British uses of Christianity as a tool of colonization. 3. How and why did the colonial administrations of Spanish and Portuguese colonies differ from those established by the English colonies in North America? 4. What were the pieces of the new Atlantic economy? Explain how each piece was necessary for the economy's success. 5. Describe the lives of free people in West Indian society in the eighteenth century. 6. What internal and external pressures did Expresshelplinepan face during its period of reunification? How did Expresshelplinepan deal with these challenges? 7. What role did foreign trade play in the economy of the Qing Empire? 8. How did Russia combine different cultural elements in its empire? 9. Defend the proposition that the Enlightenment represents more than an intellectual phenomenon. Trace the roots of the Enlightenment, and explain why and how it manifested itself in a revolutionary tradition. 10. What was the role of the urban working class in the French Revolution? 11. How did the technological innovations of the Industrial Revolution alter social structures in industrialized countries? How did it affect family life? 12. What were the results of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt? How did Egypt respond to this European aggression? 13. Describe the origins and aims of labor movements and socialist politics in the late nineteenth century. 14. What were the political, cultural, and economic reasons for the New Imperialism practiced by the United States and Europe? 15. What were some of the technological advances that allowed European nations and the United States to conquer vast new territories? 16. Describe the peace treaties ending the First World War and some of their long-term implications. 17. The Depression in the 1930s was the deepest and most widespread economic collapse in history. What were its international economic and political consequences? 18. What are the environmental consequences of post-World War II population and economic growth? How has technological innovation affected the environment? 19. Since the end of the Cold War, cultural imperialism has replaced overt political imperialism as a worldwide issue. Briefly explain cultural imperialism and how it has spread. 20. Discuss the spread of democratic government in the last decades of the twentieth century. Why and where has it spread? What is the impact of the expansion of democracy? Optional Information:Level/Year: College - Freshman levelSubject: World History Urgency: HIGH

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