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Question (Category: HVAC )
I just bought a Honeywell digital thermostat model number RTH2410. I have a boiler with three zones with their own thermostat. I have the wiring diagram for the zone valves and everything is wired how they show in the packet that came with them. it shows using three wires that go to the thermostat. Its says that when wire number 4 and 5 are in circuit the valve will open. then to close it will make contact with wire 5 and 6. They say that's a good way to test the valves by jumping the number 4 and 5 wire together and then the number 5 and 6 wire together with the thermostats disconnected.So iv done that and everything tested out OK. Now my problem is that when I hook up the thermostat when it kicks on the zone valve just keeps running opening and closing the valve. Then when the thermostat shuts down the zone valve will stay in the open position. its like I cant find a wire connection that will supply power only to the 5 and 6 wire while it shuts down. then when it is on there is power to all three wires and it just runs working against itself. if you have any ides on how to wire this thing properly it will be greatly appreciate. Thank you for your time.d

Answer by Matt D. (Purchased 3 times and rated )