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Question (Category: Math )
Why is experimental design is a key factor in the success of the scientific inquiry?
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Hi. Thank you for your question.Your answer is below.Kind regards,SusanExperimental design impacts the validity of the experiment. Validity is the extent to which the experiment accurately shows cause-and-effect relationships. The design determines the likelihood of making either a Type I or Type II error. A poor design might fail to control for confounding (lurking) variables. For example, suppose I pop all the name-brand popcorn on Day 1 and all the generic on Day 2. The experimenter (the person doing the popping) might change their technique between days, creating a false result. Another poor design would be to pop the two kinds of popcorn in different microwaves, which might have different factors. By using a design that factors out as many variables as possible, any causal relationship found is more likely to be a valid one.http:www.socialresearchmethods.netkbdesexper.php

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