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Question (Category: Homework )
You currently work for an automotive parts supply store. Your company is growing, and is considering expansion. The company currently has three locations (North, South, and Central) in one state, and wants to consider expanding within the same state. You have been presented with the sales figures for the last three years for each of your locations. Based on this information, you?re tasked with analyzing current sales. You have decided to investigate the trend in sales over the past three years. Respond fully to the following questions regarding this task: A - (TCO 9) The data for the North and Central locations has been provided to you in the form of .csv files. The South location information is in an Excel file. Explain the steps involved in converting the information from the .csv files to Excel, and what steps you will take to assure the data is usable.B - (TCO 2) Explain, based on material covered in this class, your approach to setting up your worksheet and organizing the data.C - (TCO 3) Explain how you will visually represent the data for the sales of the individual stores and for the time period shown. You want to show the change in sales for each store over time for the past three years.D - (TCO 7) Once you have finished the above tasks, you plan to send the Excel workbook to your boss for evaluation. Your boss is not an Excel expert, and you are concerned that your formulas might accidentally be deleted or altered. Describe the methods you will use to assure that this does not happen.

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