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Question (Category: accounting homework)
1) amos, a single individual with a salary of $50,000, incurred and paid the following expenses during the year:br medical expenses: $5,000br alimony: $14,000br casualty loss (after $100 floor): $1,000br state income taxes: $4,000br moving expenses: $1,500br contribution to a traditional ira: $2,000br student loan interest: $1,200br br br analyze the above expenses and determine which ones are deductible for agi. please support your br 2) sara owns a sole proprietorship and phil is the sole shareholder of a c (regular) corporation. each business sustained a $9,000 operating loss and a $2,000 capital loss for the year. evaluate how these losses will affect the taxable income of the two owners?br br 3)john forms a corporation and transfers property having a basis to him of $18,000 and a fair market value of $26,000 to the corporation for 1,000 shares of $10 par stock. one year later, hal transfers property having a basis to him of $2,500 and a fair market value of $3,500 for 100 shares of the stock. hal is not related to john. the corporation issued no other br a. how much gain does john recognize on his exchange? what is the basis to john of his 1,000 shares?br br b. what gain or loss is recognized by the corporation when it issues its shares to john? what is the basis to the corporation of the property it received from john?br br c. how much gain does hal recognize on his exchange? what is the basis to hal of his 100 shares?br br 4) xyz company had a net loss of $90,000 from operations in 2007. tina owns xyz and works 20 hours a week in the business. she has a large amount of income from other sources and is in the 33% marginal tax bracket. would tina039s tax situation be better if xyz were a proprietorship or a c-corporation? explain br 5)leon sold a piece of business equipment that had an adjusted basis to him of $70,000 for $87,000 cash plus artwork that had a fair market value of $23,000. the buyer assumed leon039s $28,000 loan on the equipment. leon paid $6,000 in selling br a. what is leon039s recognized gain?br br b. identify and describe the general formula for calculating the adjusted basis of br 6) carl had the following transactions for 2006:br br salary: $55,000br damage award (compensatory) for city bus accident: $20,000br loss on sale of stock investment: $4,500br loan from father to purchase auto: $10,000br alimony paid to ex-wife: $11,000br br br what is carl039s agi for 2006? div

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