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in the winter of 1993, five students from one middle school in seattle were diagnosed with meningococcal disease. the incidence of the disease has been climbing for two years in that area of washington state, as will s in the rest of the country, and has continued to climb since then. in the seattle outbreak, health officials identified one strain of the causative organism that was responsible for the increased br 1. what type of organism would you look for in a gram stain of blood or cerebrospinal fluid in these cases?br br 2. what is the organism039s portal of entry into the host?br br 3. could you swab the portal of entry to detect the presence of pathogen? why or why not?br br 4. what type of symptoms are associated with meningococcal diseases?br br 5.a total of 900 students attend the affected middle school. what measures should have been taken to protect the remaining 895 students from acquiring meningococcal disease? div

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