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Question (Category: other subjects homework)
psych110br br 1. (tco 1) which of the following is a function of modern-day psychologists? (points: 2)br read your thoughts br study conformity br study the future br study how the positions of planets influence a person039s personality br br br 2. (tco 1) which of the following is the best example of psychology039s goal of describing behavior? (points: 2)br giving an interest-inventory (test) at a college counseling center to determine what career or college choices would best suit a student br conducting an experiment to determine if watching violent cartoons increases aggressive behavior in preschoolers br videotaping an intersection with four-way stop signs and measuring the ratio of complete to incomplete stops made by drivers br sending first-time drug offenders to an inpatient treatment program rather than to jail br br br 3. (tco 1) research has shown that watching aggression on television causes children to become physically more aggressive. as a result, the v-chip was created. what goal of psychology does this best represent? (points: 2)br describing behavior br explaining behavior br predicting behavior br changing behavior br br br 4. (tco 1) functionalism was strongly influenced by what previous theory? (points: 2)br darwin039s theory of evolution br structuralism br behaviorism br pavlov039s theory of classical conditioning br br br 5. (tco 1) the belief that the unconscious mind has an influence on one039s behavior is part of what theory of personality? (points: 2)br psychobiological br psychosocial br psychoanalytic br psychobehavioral br br br 6. (tco 1) which one of the following parts of freudian theory is still accepted by many psychotherapists today? (points: 2)br the influence of sexual drives on behavior br the influence of aggressive drives on behavior br the influence of the unconscious mind on behavior br a and b br br br 7. (tco 1) the fact that humans can voluntarily choose to engage in behavior is known as ________. (points: 2)br self actualization br free will br conditioning br introspection br br br 8. (tco 1) which of the following terms belong together? (points: 2)br structuralism: observable behavior br behaviorism: stimulus-response br psychoanalytic: unconscious conflict br b and c br br br 9. (tco 2) basic research is best defined as research that _____. (points: 2)br is basic to one field only br advances scientific knowledge br is done to get a grade or a tenured teaching position br solves basic problems encountered by humans and animals in a complex world br br br 10. (tco 2) what stage of the scientific method would someone be at if they make a prediction that drinking alcohol will make people more violent during a sporting event? (points: 2)br developing a theory br forming a testable hypothesis br designing a study br reviewing the literature of existing theories br br br 11. (tco 2) debriefing is _____. (points: 2)br interviewing subjects after a study to find out what they were thinking during their participation br explaining the purpose of the study, anticipated results, and deceptions used when the study is over br disclosing potential physical and emotional risks, and the nature of the study prior to its beginning br interviewing subjects after a study to determine whether any deceptions were effective in preventing them from learning the true purpose of the study br br br 12. (tco 2) a researcher would use __________ research, if they were interested in determining whether listening to subliminal advertising causes an increase in sales of products. (points: 2)br descriptive br correlational br naturalistic observation br experimental br br br 13. (tco 2) which scientific method of research would be used if a college student running for student body president was trying to determine whether to emphasize campus security, improved parking facilities, or increased health services in their campaign? (points: 2)br a case study br naturalistic observation br an experiment br a survey br br br 14. (tco 2) the best definition of a dependent variable is _____. (points: 2)br a measurable behavior that is affected by the independent variable br a variable that is controlled by the experimenter and is applied to the participant to determine its effect br a variable that is kept constant during an experiment to prevent contamination of other variables br a variable that cannot do anything by itself br br br 15. (tco 2) one of the best ways to deal with ethnocentrism in scientific research is to _____. (points: 2)br create culturally diverse research review committees br provide cultural sensitivity training to all researchers br use cross-cultural sampling br ignore it because cultural universals are more prevalent than cultural specifics br br br 16. (tco 2) which is the stronger correlation, -1.00 or +1.00? (points: 2)br +1.00 br they are the same. br -1.00 br neither -1.00 does not exist. br br br 17. (tco 3) genes are found on chromosomes and _____. (points: 2)br contain threadlike double-strands of dna molecules br determine what traits you will possess br are precursor cells that give birth to new cells br increase during prenatal development br br br 18. (tco 3) what is the basic function of a neuron? (points: 2)br to maintain the structure of the brain br to connect the spine with the hands and feet br to release chemicals into the blood stream br to transmit information throughout the nervous system br br br 19. (tco 3) the message that travels along an axon of a neuron is called a(n) ____________. (points: 2)br neurotransmission br action potential br mylinazation br chemical impulse br br br 20. (tco 3) the resting potential of a neuron is approximately ___________. (points: 2)br 40 millivolts br (tco ) -70 millivolts br 0 millivolts br (tco ) +70 millivolts br br br 21. (tco 3) chemical messengers that are released by axons and stimulate dendrites on another neuron are called _____. (points: 2)br chemical messengers br neurotransmitters br synaptic transmitters br neuromessengers br br br 22. (tco 3) this neurotransmitter affects sleep, appetite, and emotional states, among other behaviors. (points: 2)br acetylcholine br dopamine br norepinephrine br serotonin br br br 23. (tco 3) one of the hormones released by the adrenal glands in response to stress is ________. (points: 2)br cortisol br serotonin br dopamine br gaba br br br 24. (tco3) the peripheral nervous system _____. (points: 2)br is composed of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves br is less important than the central nervous system br is contained within the skull and spinal column br includes all the nerves and neurons outside the brain and spinal cord br br br 25. (tco 3) in the study mentioned in the textbook, rats with spinal cord damage implanted with embryonic stem cells ___________. (points: 2)br showed improvements in the damaged areas in the spinal cord. br showed no improvements in the damaged areas in the spinal cord. br showed no improvements in other paralyzed areas of the body. br showed improvements in the damaged area of the spinal cord and the paralyzed areas of the body. br br br 26. (tco 3) when a student raises her hand so that she can answer a teacher039s question, ___________ division of the nervous system was responsible for her hand going up. (points: 2)br central nervous system br autonomic nervous system br somatic nervous system br parasympathetic nervous system br br br 27. (tco 3) after arguing with her husband over dinner, sue developed a stomach ache. this was probably because ___________________________. (points: 2)br her sympathetic nervous system activated and shut down digestion during the argument br her parasympathetic nervous system activated and shut down digestion during the argument br her endocrine system sent out too many hormones to her stomach br her central nervous system signaled for too much acid to be produced in her stomach br br br 28. (tco 3) many symptoms of schizophrenia, like hearing voices, misunderstanding social cues, and misinterpreting sensory information could be due to abnormalities in the _____. (points: 2)br reticular formation br hypothalamus br thalamus br all of these options br br br 29. (tco 3) which of the following is a characteristic of the cerebral cortex? (points: 2)br it involves emotions and memory. br it controls both autonomic and voluntary behavior. br it regulates reflexive behavior. br it is responsible for higher mental processes. br br br 30. (tco 3) _____ area is found in the temporal lobe, and is involved with language comprehension. (points: 2)br broca039s br the association br gage039s br wernicke039s br br br br br br --------------------------------------------------------------------------------br br div

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