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Question (Category: chemistry)
a) in millikan's experiment, the charge oneach drop of oil was measured in coulombs. imagine the sameexperiment, but with charges measured in a fictitious unit called azeet (z). drop charge (z a 2.10times10 minus14 b 3.50times10 minus14 c 3.85times10 minus14 d 4.20times10 minus14 e 5.60times10 minus14 what is the charge on an electron in zeets? express your answer in zeets usingtwo significant figures. b)imagine a unit of charge called thezorg. a chemist performs the oil drop experiment and measures thecharge of each drop in zorgs. drop charge a minus5.1times10 minus9 z b minus1.0times10 minus8 z c minus6.8times10 minus9 z d minus1.36times10 minus8 z how many electrons are in each drop? enter your answers numericallyseparated by commas. for abcd

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