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Question (Category: chemistry)
combustion analysis of a hydrocarbon produced 33.01g co2 and 13.52g h20. calculate the empirical formula of the hydrocarbon i got c1h2 which was wrong. my calculations were: c x h x + o 2 co 2 + h 2 o 33.01g co2 ( 1 mol44.01g co2)(1 mol c1 mol co2)(12.01g c1 mol c)(1 mole c12.01g c) = .749 mol c 13.52g h20(1 mol h2o18.02g h2o)(2 mol h1 mol h2o)(1.01g h1 mol h)(1 mol h1.01gh) = 1.5 mol h then .749.749 = 1 c 1.5.749= 2 h therefore c1h2 which is wrong?

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