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Question (Category: psychology)
question 1 1. adolescent drug experimentation answer should not be taken lightly because drug use can lead to permanent injury or death. is a normal part of adolescence and, therefore, is not a cause for concern. is much greater among european than u.s. adolescents. is rare in the native-american population. 1 points question 2 1. adolescents feel most comfortable with peers who answer are older. are slightly younger. match their own level of biological maturity. mature later than they do. 1 points question 3 1. adolescents who reach the formal operational stage of cognitive development answer can only operate on reality. cannot operate on operations. no longer require concrete things and events as objects of thought. cannot yet come up with general logical rules through internal reflection. 1 points question 4 1. adolescents who believe they are the focus of everyone's attention are experiencing answer idealism. the personal fable. reality. the imaginary audience. 1 points question 5 1. adolescents whose parents engage in ____________ decision making achieve better academically. answer joint parent-adolescent permissive authoritarian idealistic 1 points question 6 1. ann is having more frequent disagreements with her teenage daughter. if they argue over typical parent-adolescent issues, these disagreements are most likely answer over important family values, such as honesty or integrity. caused by the storm and stress of puberty. over school issues, such as the importance of education. about everyday matters, such as driving, dating partners, and curfew. 1 points question 7 1. as a result of the imaginary audience, adolescents become answer better at day-to-day decision making. less concerned with what others think about them. extremely self-conscious. less interested in belonging to a particular clique or crowd. 1 points question 8 1. boys account for about _____ percent of cases of anorexia. answer 5 10 15 20 1 points question 9 1. boys show superior athletic performance during the teenage years because answer they have an extra 2 years of preadolescent growth. they develop larger skeletal muscles, hearts, and lung capacity than girls. they have more athletic opportunities available to them. the number of red blood cells increases in girls but not in boys. 1 points question 10 1. by the end of high school, 50 percent of teenagers have experimented with illegal drugs. these numbers answer are most likely inaccurate since adolescent drug users rarely admit to their behavior. show a substantial increase since the mid-1990s, despite greater focus on the hazards of drug use. show that drug use has changed little since the mid-1990s, despite increased focus on the hazards of drug use. represent a substantial decline since the mid-1990s, probably resulting from increased focus on the hazards of drug use. 1 points question 11 1. carlie engages in strict dieting and excessive exercise accompanied by binge eating, often followed by purging. carlie suffers from answer bulimia nervosa. food insecurity. marasmus. anorexia nervosa. 1 points question 12 1. certain that others are observing and thinking about them, teenagers develop an inflated sense of their own importance known as answer the imaginary audience. the personal fable. metacognition. hypothetico-deductive reasoning. 1 points question 13 1. compared to other cultures, north american adolescents have answer very open sexual attitudes. a more open attitude toward homosexuality. little or no information about sex. relatively restrictive sexual attitudes. 1 points question 14 1. during puberty, the neurons become more responsive to excitatory neurotransmitters. as a result, adolescents answer handle stressful events better than most adults. experience pleasurable stimuli less intensely, causing them to seek outside stimulation, such as illicit drugs. react more strongly to stressful events and experience pleasurable stimuli more intensely. require less nightly sleep than school-age children and adults. 1 points question 15 1. fifteen-year-old mary has become critical of her parents and siblings, yet envisions a world with no injustice or discrimination. this is typical of the __________ that manifests during the development of abstract reasoning. answer idealism imaginary audience personal fable metacognition 1 points question 16 1. about _______ percent of u.s. adolescents report having had sexual intercourse. answer 25 35 50 65 1 points question 17 1. according to erikson, someone who negatively resolves the psychological conflict of adolescence will experience answer an overly strict superego. a personality crisis. commitment without exploration. role confusion. 1 points question 18 1. according to kohlberg, mature moral thinkers answer view moral understanding as merely academic and unrelated to moral action. realize that behaving in line with their beliefs is vital for creating and maintaining a just social world. do not believe in a common justice morality and, thus, act less prosocially than lower-stage adolescents. tend to place greater weight on caring than on justice-based reasoning. 1 points question 19 1. adolescents in moratorium resemble identity-achieved individuals in using a(n) ________________ cognitive style when making personal decisions and solving problems. answer dogmatic, inflexible active, information-gathering diffuse-avoidant reactive and defensive 1 points question 20 1. adolescents who make the greatest gains in moral understanding have parents who answer lecture frequently. ask few questions. engage in moral discussions. place limits on their free time. 1 points question 21 1. among older adolescents, __________ appear as key themes in self-concept. answer athletic and academic ability social awareness and physical strength academic ability and physical attractiveness personal and moral values 1 points question 22 1. as a child, david was negative, willful, and physically aggressive. by age 8, he was already engaging in petty theft. jamie was a happy child who did well in school but began displaying antisocial behavior around age 13 and gradually moved to more severe delinquent acts. which of the following is true about david and jamie? answer david is at higher risk for leading a life full of aggression and criminality. jamie is at higher risk for leading a life full of aggression and criminality. david will likely outgrow his delinquent behavior by middle adolescence. david and jamie are at equal risk for a life full of aggression and criminality. 1 points question 23 1. at kohlberg's stage 5 of moral development, individuals answer become aware that people can have different perspectives in a moral dilemma. believe that laws should not be disobeyed because they are vital for ensuring societal order. regard laws and rules as flexible instruments for furthering human purposes. typically mention such principles as respect for the worth and dignity of each person. 1 points question 24 1. at kohlberg's stage 2 of moral development, the instrumental purpose orientation, children answer want to maintain the affection and approval of friends and relatives by being a good person. typically mention such principles as respect for the worth and dignity of each person. take societal laws into account when making moral choices. view right action as flowing from self-interest and understand reciprocity as equal exchange of favors. 1 points question 25 1. because everyday decisions are complicated by practical considerations and mix cognition with intense emotion, the moral reasoning exhibited in such situations is generally answer lower than that measured by kohlberg's dilemmas. higher than that measured by kohlberg's dilemmas. easier for people to grapple with than hypothetical situations. focused on an ethic of care. 1 points question 26 1. a strong cardiovascular response, interference with immune system functioning, and reduced digestive activity are all symptoms of answer hypertension. alcoholism. psychological stress. genetically programmed aging. 1 points question 27 1. a successful method for curing pms answer involves hormone therapy. has not been devised. involves analgesics for pain. involves antidepressant medication. 1 points question 28 1. about 40 percent of americans engage in answer moderate leisure-time physical activity five times a week. light exercise daily, with occasional moderate-to-heavy exercise. no regular brief sessions of even light activity. high-intensity exercise at least three times per week. 1 points question 29 1. according to labouvie-vief, adulthood involves moving from _______________ thought. answer hypothetical to pragmatic relativistic to dualistic pragmatic to hypothetical dualistic to relativistic 1 points question 30 1. according to some researchers, cognitive development continues beyond piaget's formal operational stage to the ____________ level. answer postcognitive postoperational postformal thought postconcrete 1 points question 31 1. according to the random events theory of biological aging, answer dna in body cells is gradually damaged through spontaneous or externally caused mutations. the human body wears out from use over time. the existence of aging genes controls most biological changes. environmental factors have little impact on human longevity. 1 points question 32 1. according to the cross-linkage theory of aging, bonds between protein fibers in connective tissue can lead to answer tightening of the skin and strengthening of the bones. loss of flexibility in the skin and clogging of arteries. increased flexibility and athletic stamina. reduced production of many hormones, especially estrogen. 1 points question 33 1. alan likes well-structured tasks and values material possessions. alecia prefers working with people. according to holland's six personality types, alan is __________ and alecia is __________. answer social realistic investigative conventional conventional social enterprising encouraging 1 points question 34 1. alcoholism is a more common problem in cultures where alcohol is answer regularly served to and around minors. a traditional part of ceremonial activities. a common part of religious activities. a carefully controlled sign of adulthood. 1 points question 35 1. american employers regard recent high school graduates as answer adequately prepared for manual trades. adequately prepared for industrial occupations. poorly prepared for skilled business occupations. poorly prepared for unskilled jobs. 1 points question 36 1. a __________ will probably display the slowest rate of free-radical damage to dna. answer butterfly bird human cat 1 points question 37 1. about _______ of divorced people remarry. answer 15 percent one-third 50 percent two-thirds 1 points question 38 1. according to levinson, each season of life begins with a __________, which concludes the previous era and prepares the person for the next one. answer crisis transition stable period split dream 1 points question 39 1. according to levinson, which of the following is true about gender differences in dreams? answer men's dreams tend to define the self in terms of relationships. most career-oriented women display split dreams involving both marriage and career. women's dreams are usually more individualistic than men's dreams. most career-oriented men display split dreams involving both marriage and career. 1 points question 40 1. according to vaillant, men become keepers of meaning, or guardians of their culture, in their answer twenties. thirties and forties. fifties and sixties. seventies. 1 points question 41 1. according to sternberg's triangular theory of love, answer in most cultures, opposites attract. intimacy, passion, and commitment shift in emphasis as romantic relationships develop. initial passion turns into intimacy, which then leads to commitment. passion develops after commitment is established. 1 points question 42 1. adria is a well-educated woman who is seeking a job in engineering. adria probably expects to form a(n) ____________ marriage. answer egalitarian traditional patriarchal feministic 1 points question 43 1. adult friends tend to be answer different from each other in most ways. similar in social class but different in age or sex. romantically involved with one another. similar to each other in most ways. 1 points question 44 1. after the birth of a first child, parents' gender roles answer often become more traditional. often become more egalitarian. are similar as before the child was born. are reversed for the first 6 months. 1 points question 45 1. an important feature of good communication in a romantic relationship is answer passionate love. constructive criticism. constructive conflict resolution. quiet reflection. 1 points question 46 1. barney and cynthia met in college and married after they both graduated. they both work full-time. which of the following is probably true? answer barney and cynthia share housework equally. barney participates in child care about 50 percent as often as cynthia does. cynthia spends nearly twice as much time as barney on housework. barney spends nearly twice as much time as cynthia on child care. 1 points question 47 1. bernice and leo never had children. they married in their thirties, and their efforts at fertility treatments did not succeed. bernice and leo are answer from low-ses backgrounds. involuntarily childless. voluntarily childless. probably self-indulgent 1 points question 48 1. brad and karin found that their gender roles became more traditional after the birth of their first child, despite the egalitarian marriage they both had worked hard to achieve. which of the following will probably occur after the birth of their second child? answer their gender roles will become even more traditional. brad will take an active role in parenting by caring for one child while karin tends to the other. karin will take a more active role in parenting while brad works outside the home. karin will have adjustment problems if brad takes a greater role in parenting the first-born. 1 points question 49 1. cohabiters are more likely than married people to answer pool their finances. jointly own a house. have poorer-quality relationships. have conservative values. 1 points question 50 1. compared with same-sex friendships, other-sex friendships answer are as common as romantic relationships during the college years. often interfere with romantic relationships. are more common for married men than single men. decline with age for women.

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