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Question (Category: nissan )
my 2009 nissan altima has a pushbutton ignition and won't start. when i push the brake and the start button it clicks but doesn't do anything else. can you help? p
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hello!brbrfirst thing to do is check the battery. a fully charged battery must have enough cranking capacity to provide the starter motor and ignition system with enough power to start the engine over a broad range of ambient temperatures. even if its charged, it could still be bad causing a no crank condition! i would rec to get it load tested at a shop or at a battery store. a battery load test will verify the actual cranking capability of the battery. this is the best test. or you can take a voltmeter and put it on the battery and crank the engine over. (be sure the battery has a full charge on it.) if the volts drop below 9.6, the battery is bad and needs to be replaced! just be sure all cable connections are clean and tight. not only at the battery, but on the starter, engine and frame! positive side as well as the negative side.brbrif all checks out, make sure that you have battery voltage on both terminals of the starter when cranking. if full battery voltage (12.6 volts) is present and the starter is not working, then the starter is bad and will need to be replaced! just be sure all fuses small regular and large size fuses are good under the hood, as well as inside the vehiclebr p div
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yeah.. if there is no anti theft lights or security lights on or flashing on the dash, then the alarm system is not going to be the issue.brbrchances are the battery is at fault or there is a bad connection either at the battery or at the fuse blockfuse box. p div
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pwe checked the battery when this happened initially. it was good. this happened once before and for some reason unknown to me it decided to start back up and hadn39t happened since then. the brake pedal is depressed and in a locked position. the gear shift is also locked. could it be something to do with an anti-theft system on the car?p p div
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pcan you tell me where the fuse blockfuse box is located? i will check it. p p div
it should be located by the battery.brbrhere are two pictures.brbrimg src=....www.ww2.expresshelpline.comuploadsamedee2010-11-06_210533_1.gif alt=graphicbrimg src=....www.ww2.expresshelpline.comuploadsamedee2010-11-06_210543_2.gif alt=graphic p
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what size engine do you have? p div
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are there any anti theft lights or security lights on or flashing on the dash? p div
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pi just went to check. i didn39t see any. i have the car pulled half-in and half-out of the garage. i was getting ready to leave, remembered something, shut the car off (it was running fine) and ran back in. i accidentally hit the alarm button when i got out of the car. that was why i asked. when i went back out the car wouldn39t turn over.p p div
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p4-cylinder 2.5p p div

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