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Question (Category: homework category)
1 a private medical clinic wants to estimate the true mean annual income of its patients. the clinic needs to be within $200 of the true mean. the clinic estimates that the true population standard deviation is around $1,300. if the confidence level is 95%, find the required sample size in order to meet the desired accuracy. a205 b 163 c 200 d 150 an auditor wants to estimate what proportion of a bank?s commercial loan files are incomplete. the auditor wants to be within 7% of the true proportion when using a 95% confidence level. how many files must the auditor sample? no estimate of the proportion is available, so use 0.5 for the population proportion. a196 b150 c 200 c180 3. a standard iq test has a mean of 98 and a standard deviation of 16. we want to be 95% certain that we are within 8 iq points of the true mean. determine the sample size. (points: 5) a 11 b 15 c 16 d none of these submitted: 742 days and 22 hours ago. category:homework value:$15 status:closed optional information levelyear: college subject: elementry statistics already tried: having trouble with this 3 problems help please, just need to know if its a, b, c ,or d accepted answer this answer is locked! you can view this answer by clicking here to register or login and paying $3. if you've already paid for this answer, simply login .

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