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Question (Category: homework category)
identify the best answer to the questions noted below: 1) fats are improperly digested and appear in the feces: a. adipose b. steatorrhea c. lipase d. lipolysis e. glycogenolysis 2) another term for jaundice: a. achalasia b. icterus c. hypobilirubinemia d. gallstones e. melena 3) stone in a salivary gland: a. lithiasis b. cholecystolithiasis c. adenolithiasis d. sialadenolithiasis e. renal calculus 4) buccal means: a. pertaining to the cheek b. pertaining to the soft palate c. pertaining to the tongue d. pertaining to the teeth e. pertaining to the throat 5) white plaques on the mucosa of the mouth: a. herpetic stomatitis b. aphthous stomatitis c. oral leukoplakia d. rectocele e. melena 6) a group of symptoms marked by edema, proteinuria, and hypoalbuminemia: a. renal ischemia b. essential hypertension c. polycystic kidney d. nephrotic syndrome e. diabetes mellitus 7) childhood renal carcinoma: a. hypernephroma b. polycystic kidney c. glomerulonephritis d. wilms tumor e. phenylketonuria 8) nitrogenous waste: a. creatinine b. fatty acid c. lipid d. carbon dioxide e. sugar

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