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Question (Category: homework category)
1.factors that impede the attainment of economic efficiency in the public sector are called: answer market failures. externalities. government failures. voting irregularities. 2.the efficiency loss of a tax is the tax revenue collected by government minus the value of the public goods financed through the tax. answer true false for my special local project and i will vote for yours. this political technique: answer illustrates the paradox of voting. often accompanies pork-barrel politics. illustrates the median voter model. undermines the benefits-received principle. 4.the idea of government failure includes all of the following except: answer limited and bundled choices. bureaucratic inefficiency. pressure by special-interest groups. extensive positive externalities from public and quasi-public goods. 5.sales taxes are proportional in relation to income because the same tax rate applies regardless of the size of a purchase. answer true false

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