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Question (Category: math )
28) what nonparametric test is used when the assumptions for the parametric analysis of variance (anova) cannot be met? its purpose is to test whether three or more populations are equal. the data must be at least ordinal scaled. a. kruskal-wallis b. students39 t c. mann-whitney d. anova 29) what are the assumptions required for nonparametric tests regarding the shape of the population distribution? a. the samples are independent. b. the distribution appears like a bell-shaped curve. c. the populations have equal standard deviations. d. no assumptions are required. 30) the chi-square distribution is a. negatively skewed b. positively skewed c. normally distributed d. negatively or positively skewed 31) the ohio department of highways is in the process of selecting a new paint for highway use. four different paint companies have been contact regarding this need and each of the companies has supplied paint for testing. before deciding the winner of the new contract, a test was conducted to determine which paint was the best, xxxxx xxxxx of how long it would last. the results of the test are as follows: category paint a paint b paint c paint d days 345 320 350 310 each paint is expected to last 330 days. is there a significant difference between these four paints? use the chi square distribution at the .05 significant level to answer this question. a. the test result is less than the critical value, so there is not a significant difference. b. the test result is greater than the critical value, so there is a significant difference. c. paint b and d are significantly different then paints a and c. d. a decision cannot be made more testing is required. 32) the city of denver has several golf courses around the city. the recreational park manager is trying to set the schedule for the employees at these courses. his concern is that he wants to have enough staff to handle the daily demands but to not be overstaffed. he has concerns about the next yearrsquos budget and is trying to curb expenses where possible. to be able to make a decision regarding staffing, he collected data regarding the number of rounds of golf played during the week. the weekend was excluded because the weekends are always very busy. he wanted to see if there was a significant difference between the days of the week in terms of rounds being played. if there was a difference, then he could use this information to help make staffing decisions. the result of the data collection is as follows: day of week rounds monday 150 tuesday 90 wednesday 120 thursday 100 friday 140 what is the result of the statistical test? can the managerrsquos staff schedule vary for different days of the week? use the chi square distribution at the .05 significant level. a. yes, there is no difference between days of the week. b. yes, there is a significant difference between days of the week. c. no, there is not a significant difference between days of the week. d. no, there is a significant difference between days of the week. 33) rachael smith is the personnel manager at johnson and johnston, an accounting firm. she is concerned about tardiness, which seems to be an increasing problem, especially after days off work. she decided to sample the records to determine if tardiness was distributed evenly throughout the 6-day work week. the null hypothesis to be tested was: tardiness is distributed evenly throughout the week. the 0.01 level was used as the significant level. the sample results were: day of week number absent monday 12 tuesday 9 wednesday 11 thursday 10 friday 9 saturday 9 what is the critical value of chi-square with a significant level of = 0.05? a. 12.592 b. 11.070 c. 13.388 d. 15.033 34) clermont savings and loan has four branches located throughout the county. the activity level at these four branches appears to be different but the manger needs verification. turnover rate, how quickly money is withdrawn from an account after being deposited, was selected as the variable to be measured. a total sample of 22 accounts was collected from the four branches. the kruskal-wallis test, at the .01 significant level, was selected for the statistical analysis. the null hypothesis being tested was that the population distribution between the four branches is identical. the test statistics was h = 12.453. what is the correct interpretation of this result? a. the null hypothesis is rejected. b. a different test needs to be used for the analysis. c. the null hypothesis is accepted. d. more information is needed to be able to make a decision. 35) state insurance company believes that the age of the driver and number of accidents that occurs are related. the feeling is that younger drivers are more careless and will have more accidents. the claims department wants to determine if this line of thinking is correct. to answer this question a random sample of 1500 policyholders was investigated. a chi square analysis was performed on the data at the .05 significant level. the analysis produced a chi square value of 47.56. what is the correct decision regarding the null hypothesis that whether a claim is filed and the age of the policyholder are not related? a. reject the null hypothesis there is a relationship. b. accept the null hypothesis there is no relationship. c. the sample needs to be larger no decision can be made. d. the null hypothesis is incorrect. 36) to determine whether four population means are equal, a sample from each population was selected at random and using the kruskal-wallis test, h was computed to be 2.11. what is your decision at the 0.05 level of risk? a. fail to reject the null hypothesis because 2.11 lt 7.815 b. reject the null hypothesis because 7.815 is gt 2.11 c. fail to reject the null hypothesis because 0.05 lt 2.11 d. reject the null hypothesis because 2.11 gt critical value of 1.96 p

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